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Let the experts write your resume!

Writing a perfect resume is critical in portraying your image to the employers. Don’t forget, First impression is the last Impression. The stronger the skill and experience descriptions are in your resume--the higher the number of interviews and salary offers you will receive. We understand that creating is the necessary response for your resume is the first most step of fetching you a charismatic career. Whatever is the level of your employment, executive or senior management… having a right resume in the right format with the right language is something that is going to take you long. We are please to offer you this critical service in very reasonable rates. We have industry experts working for us, who can give you the right kind of platform through a perfect resume.


Send your resume to 1000's of consultants!

We being expert in the domain, have a more comprehensive list of consultants that have millions of jobs. Reaching to all on an individual level is neither simple nor feasible. We provide you with the right kind of platform to float your resume to thousands of consultants. We have built this network and database through the years and today we assure you immediate attention if we send your resumes to this group of partners. Hence post it to us and we post it to the world. Let us do the job and you may reap the benefits.


Make your resume visible to employers!

Creating a visibility of your resume among the pool of resumes picked up by the employers, is a daunting task. Mascot International has a key to that. We can highlight your resume to the concerned employer and get it noticed. This will be done through various methods of tagging and creating a visual differentiation. This will project your resume ‘catchy’ against all other who are same in qualifications and experience to you.


Get your resume Assessed by experts!

Already have a Resume/CV? Then send it to us, so that our resume experts can suggest enhancements and corrections based on your present job, industry vertical, skills and target job. No need to sit for hours of resume preparatory sessions, tele conversations etc… Everything can be organized through email correspondence and you can pay the consulting fee once the designer resume is delivered.


How to make a Good Resume ?

Most people underestimate the significance of good resume, but it's actually critically important for that right career move. In a nut shell a resume is summary of your career descriptions, professional experiences and achievements, and educational background. The heading of the resume should contain your name, address and contact information. The body of the resume should be broken into the following sections: career objective, career descriptions, professional experience, achievements, scholastics, and references. The following are a few tips to write an ideal resume:

  • Keep the resume short.
  • Know your potential employer and direct the focus of your resume in accordance to the purpose.
  • Clearly identify your skills by giving a brief on your key strengths. Things you are really good at.
  • Keep it honest by mentioning the correct information and not providing any misleading information.
  • Don't be modest – You need to present your self with confidence and attitude. Being modest by using sympathetic words creates a bad impression and also reduces your negotiation power.
  • Give more importance on content than on looks – Formatting and design is important but not at the cost of valuable information about your self.
  • Always attach a Covering Letter.
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