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Welcome to MascotJobsIndia.com. 
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This segment of the services at Mascot International intends to display a large pool of jobs for the job seekers getting them close to the various postings. That’s not all… To make it user-friendly the directory has been streamed into various classifications like industry wise, location wise, profile wise… etc. This resource offers links and information of companies and businesses having career opportunities and job openings in various job categories. You just need to peruse through this directory to find Companies falling under your Industry domain: visit the featured links to know who they are looking for and also learn more about the organization, their work culture, team and contact details.
Visa Guide :

Candidates are quite often not sure of the specific requirements or documentation required to enter into a foreign country. Mascot International helps international job seekers easily understand what is specifically required of them in order to gain passage into another country.


We work closely with the Passport Agencies and Embassies representing many governments, so that international jobseekers can depart on very short notice, for many worldwide destinations. The guidance given by us is comprehensive and accurate to enable to the zenith of the success ladder. We have dedicated Visa counselors who can help you with Visa procedures.

Jobseeker Events :

This column can proactively guide you on the various seminars that are organized in your city much in advance. So no more missing out a good seminar that can bring the right move to your career… Just log on the link, select the interest and get to know about the various events happening around.

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